Time flies! Here comes the second sketch challenge!! Enjoy the fun everyone~ can't wait to see some work from you =)

Please go to the community for more info about this sketch. >> Here I Come!!<<
And here's Kerry first card of the Sunny Day Set. I can't wait to share~! She turned the little cute into a pretty little princess!! I love the card Kerry! I LOVE the vintage look on the card, it's so pretty =)
The Sunny Days Set is for sale for only $3.75!! Sunny Boy and Sunny Girl Singles are also available for $1.99 each.
Morning everyone. Since I'm releasing the "weather kids?" I'll be mentioning the weather in vancouver through out this whole week. I've been hoping to see the sun and it finally came out yesterday afternoon... just when I got happy and energized, the sky started to hail like mad!! Oh... and with the sun still shining above... The weather nowadays  is unpredictable... I only wish for a ordinary sunny day. lol

So today dear Laura has made a birthday card with the Sunny boy. Isn't it cute? The color scheme is great! A fun and boyish color! Thanks Laura!
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Good Morning Everyone! It's the 2nd day of the "Sunny Days Stamp Set" release but it's still pouring rain outside! Let's keep making some sunny cards and hope for some sunshine outside!

Today I'm showing off Jane's Fun and Cute card! She has used the Sunny Boy for this card and I love the colors she has used! So bright and colorful. Love it =)
Don't forget to get the stamps now! The Sunny Days Stamp Set includes "sunny girl", "sunny boy" and a cute little sun. Set is for sale for only $3.75 >>take me home!!<<
Sunny Boy Single and Sunny Girl Single is available for $1.99 each!

I've made a simple little card with CCM.SC#1. Hope everyone will like it!! Stamp used: Spring is here
Play with this sketch! Sketch can be found at the CCM Community.
And that's it for today! Hope everyone will have a sunny day!
Weather has been pretty bad lately! It's either raining all day long or a little bit of sunshine... but cold and windy. I want a sunny day! I want summer to come soon so I can enjoy all the outdoor activities!! So This week I've came up with a set of "Sunny Days" Stamp set!
This set of stamp is only $3.75 a set!! >>I WANT THE SET!<<
OR, you can purchase the Sunny Boy and Sunny Girl as single stamps for $1.99 each!

Lorraine has made a beautiful card with the Sunny girl! Love the bright and cheerful colors =)
Here's my card made with the Sunny Boy =)
There will be more Sunny Days card to show through out the week! Please visit again tomorrow! =)
Hope everyone will have a fantastic day!!
Hello!! Thank you for everyone that participated in the April Free Giveaway!! A winner is chose with the true random number generator. Here's the list of the participant:
1. Bella
2. Bella
3. Bella
4. Corey
5. Corey
6. Irit
7. Irit
8. Irit
9. Laura
10. Laura
11. Laura
12. Kerry

And the winner is......#10 Laura!!! Congratulations to Laura for winning a set of Baby flower stickers!!
once again, thanks everyone!! Please join the giveaway in May!! =)

For those that really want the stickers, the Baby flower sticker set is for sale for $4.50 a set. >>>It's toooo cute! I want it!!<<<
Finally I can enjoy a sunny weekend. It's been raining tooooo much! Sunny weather = happy mood. I've made this cute little card and I really like how it turned out.

Stamp used: Spring is here
Kerry has made a wonderful picture frame for mother's day. The frame was very well done! At first I thought Kerry has painted the pattern onto the frame!! She actually glued a piece of scrap paper onto the frame. She did it so well that I had to stare at the photo for 5 mins to figure out it was a scrap paper! Kerry has posted some info about the work process of this frame. Please visit >>here<< to learn how to make this beautiful frame =)

Stamp used: Happy Mommy's Day Set
Kerry has also made a pretty mother's day card!
Today my friend Peggy was telling me about blog hop and I've noticed blog hop has been quite popular recently. It is such a fun and quick way to interact with other bloggers as well as drawing more viewers to your blog. So I'm going to host one today and see how well this will go.

mama said there'd be days like this... this is the cutest sentiment!! The rain finally stopped but this will not stop me from posting the Rainy Days cards! It's Kerry's turn today, showing her first card made as CCM design team member =) I love the color combination, the rain coat stands out and catches my eyes! Thanks Kerry!
Now I'm announcing the ALL NEW Chi Chi Memories Sketch Challenge a.k.a CCM.SC. The CCM.SC will be released every Thursday and today I'm releasing the first challenge.

So here we go:
I'm not going to say too much about this challenge here, please check out our Community or click here for direct link for more detail. I hope everyone like this sketch! It's my first one~~ :p
Morning everyone... it is another rainy day today... it's been raining for 3 days now and I'm missing the sun... lol But a rainy day is perfect for a rainy card! Let's continue showing off my design team's beautiful cards made with the Rainy Days stamp.

Today is Laura's. I love kraft paper sooooo much and Laura did such a great job on the layout and color combination. Love the card Laura! =)
Lorraine has made another beautiful card with the Birthday Girl Stamp Set. She has incorporated the girl with the balloon behind her. What a great idea! I really love the envelope, those tiny butterflies with glitters on their wings are so pretty! 
One last thing for today is to let everyone know that Chi Chi Memories is having the CCM Sketch Challenge tomorrow!! It will happen every Thursday from now on. Please come back tomorrow for more information. I really look forward to this event! =)

Have a happy day!
Today is the perfect day to post Jane's card. It's pouring rain outside!! I wish I have a raincoat too? lol... Jane did something special to her card. She added glaze on Chi Chi baby's raincoat and rain drops. Don't you think it look realistic? Thanks for making this card Jane! It's a fun card to look at =)

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And let's not forget Mother's Day is on the way!! Here's a card made by Lorraine, my new DT member. She makes beautiful card and uses pretty embellishments for decoration. 

>>Click here to see the Happy Mommy's Day Stamp Set<< only $4.75!!