Hello Ladies!! CCM is finally having the first ever sale event! YAY!! I was not able to do any sale back then. Now that I have this new shop, I can simply provide a discount code and everyone can enter the code to get the discount!

I've created a banner for this event. I would like you to attach this banner onto your CCM posts this week and promo the sale. Sale will take place on Sept 4th 12:00am to 5th 11:59 pm PST time. Customer can enter the discount code and get 40% off when they spend $15 or more!

On Friday, Sept3rd, I would like you to make a post for this sale event again. Please choose 2 to 3 CCM projects you've made and make a post with the SALE BANNER. I will make a post about the sale event on my blog. Today, please link the the banner to my post (it will be on my monday post) and customer can get the discount code from my blog and learn how to use the code on my shop. Here's the image of the banner:
Please leave a comment after reading so I know I'm not confusing you =)
Hello Ladies!! I've made another set of holiday stamps! This time is focused on Halloween. We have the famous Little Bear and I've added in the birdy finally! The birdy is actually one of my first designs. It appeared in a lot of my print products. But it's birdy's first time to show up on the digital stamp. I'll give birdy a name soon...

The old blinkies don't work anymore due to the linking problem. So I might as well take this chance to make nicer badges Here's the new badges for DT member:

html code: <a href="http://www.chichimemories.com/"><img alt="Chi Chi Memories" src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4120/4914582874_5a34d32fe3_o.png" border="0"></a>

CCM Badge:

html code: <a href="http://www.chichimemories.com/"><img alt="Chi Chi Memories" src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4122/4914274432_8e3d9f3e01_o.png" border="0"></a>

I will make a badge for the sketch challenge later on. I've made 4 sketches in advance so you will have more time to prepare. Please make them according to the sketch# and the date highlighted in yellow. This image below is only for your reference, please do not use this image on your blog. I will provide a better image for you.

As I've mentioned on the email I've sent out last night, I'm planning to have a grand opening sale on the 4th and 5th of September. We will start promoting the event 1 week in advance. I will create a banner for the sale and each of you will attach the image on your CCM posts. on September 3rd, each of you will pick your 3 favorite project you've made so far and make a post and promote the event one more time with the sale image. If you have any questions or suggestions at all please feel free to throw them at me. I would love to hear some ideas from you. =)

Sorry for the long posts ladies! Have a great day!!
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Please leave a comment after reading so that I know I'm not confusing you with anything :)


Hello Ladies! First of all, thank you for making all these beautiful projects for me week after week. I've been busy working on the new shop and finally it's done!! If you go to http://www.chichimemories.com , you will see the new look of the shop!

Please spend few minutes to go through the website again and you will know better how everything looks like now.

Here's the new set of stamps. These kids are in costumes because Halloween will be coming up next. I don't want to make them to wear vampire suit... witch suit because I want customers to be able to use these stamps for other purposes too.
Stamps will be sold as singles too:
Sorry Ladies, I will try to post the sketch earlier. Here's the sketch for this week:
Hi ladies!!! Next stamp set is done!! I really like this set and I hope you will too! This time I've decided to only have Freddie and Little Bear! These stamps are more for multi purpose. Friendship, sympathy, greeting... etc. I'm calling this set the "sympathy collection". The image you see below is the collection of 3 stamp sets. If you take a look at the 3 photos at the bottom. You will see that I'm also selling these stamps as small sets.
The 3 small sets. There are so single stamps this time.
Sorry that I'm late for the sketch #11. Here's the sketch on below.
Here's the schedule for the first two weeks of Aug:
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Hello Ladies!! Here's the new Stamp Set for July 19th!!  It's Carnival!! Everybody loves carnival!! I decided to go with this theme because suddenly I wanted to have a ride on the Ferris wheel... lol. Hope you will like this set!

There will possibly be a second set of Carnival stamp set. With Freddit in it =)
Here's the schedule for the rest of the month for now. Please let me know if you need any changes.
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Hi girls,

This week will be Debbie's last week with Chi Chi Memories. We'll all miss you Debbie! We'll keep in touch =) I look forward to work with you again in the future, best wishes to you!

I have one more guest designer - Piali joining us for July and Aug. She just replied my email few days ago so she's joining us a little big later. Her first post will be on Sunday! let's look forward to her first project with CCM!!

Here's the sketch #10, trying to give it to you girls a bit earlier so you can have more time to prepare =)
I've also updated the schedule. Please take a look =)
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Welcome Yenni!! 07/03/2010
Hello Ladies,

I've found another talented lady to join our little team! I'm so glad I've found her! Her name is Yenni, I've met her through Flickr and immediately fell in love with her design. Please give her a warm welcome to our family =)

Here's the link to Yenni's Blog: http://scrapcollector.blogspot.com/
But there's also a sad news, Debbie, will be leaving our design team a week later due to personal reason. CCM will be sponsoring Debbie's Spoonful of Sugar Challenge in July and August! I'm sure we'll keep in touch Debbie. =)

New Guest Designer
This month's Guest Designer we have Katie, from last month and Audrey is our new guest designer for July and August! She found CCM through one of your blogs. She will be posting her first project tomorrow. Here's the link to her blog: http://hippieaud.blogspot.com/
Hello Ladies,

Sorry for posting up the stamps and sketch so late! I've been working on the ecommerce shopping cart for CCM. I want to get it done asap so that it will be more convenience for customers.

I'm releasing a set called "Splash of Fun" next week. The set comes with sentiments too! Jordy, Candace and Little Bear stamps are also available individually.
Here's the sketch for this week.
This is the schedule for the next two weeks. Please let me know if you need any changes to the schedule.
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Hi Girls,

Here are the better quality images. =) I'm loving this digital paper set!! haha
Hi Ladies,

I've decided to release a set of digital paper on the same day of the Summer Fun digital stamp set release day. Here's how the set looks like:
This set is called the "Delightful Lines", they will be for sale for $4.75. If any of you girls are interested in getting this set remember you have 20% off discount. Just like me know and I'll send you a discounted invoice. (Discount applies to any CCM products).

I'll try to upload a bigger photo later on. For some reason the colors of the photo fades when I try to post a bigger photo. I want to keep the photo's color vibrant so I'm showing you the small photo first.

So please also introduce this set of paper when you post your Summer Fun project! =) Hope you girls like it!