Hi Ladies,

Blog hop is happening in couple of days and today I'm giving you the final update. (Hopefully I'm not missing anything).
-So we are all doing sneak peek as scheduled.

-Once again, here's the hop order, we are posting on Thursday, June 3rd, 8:00AM PST:
CCM (8:00AM my time) http://www.chichimemories.com
Lorraine (4:00PM your time) http://coldwaters2.blogspot.com/
Jane (8:00AM your time) http://whoopsiedaisy-jane.blogspot.com/
Katie (8:00AM your time, guest designer) http://bothsidesofthepaper.blogspot.com/
Laura (10:00AM your time) http://lilinker.blogspot.com/
Sarah (4:00PM your time, guest designer) http://sarahwrightdesigns.blogspot.com/
Kerry (10:00AM your time) http://kerryischilling.blogspot.com/
Debbie (4:00PM your time) http://debbieeastmancardsimake.blogspot.com/
CCM (8:00AM my time)http://www.chichimemories.com/challenge.html

To confirm your time is correct, go to the world clock to double check. Just to make sure I didn't make any mistake....

Please only make the people before you and the person after you "clickable" so viewers are forced to go through every blog. Eg, on Katie's post, me, Lorraine, Jane and Laura's name will be clickable.

-participant will hop through out blogs. 3 singles stamps will be given out to 3 participant who leaves comments on our blogs during the hop. The more comments to leave, the more chance to win (only 1 entry per blog per person).

-When participant arrives to the last post (CCM challenge), she can participate the sketch challenge to enter the draw. Everyone is welcome to play the challenge, but only cards made with CCM stamps are eligible to enter the draw. For participants that do not have CCM stamps, they can use the FREEBIE stamp.

-participant needs to enter their links of their card on inlinkz so that I can do a random draw. End date of the challenge and other details will be posted on the CCM Challenge.

What to say in your post. Just simple things like... how much you love CCM.. LOL what you did with the sketch challenge.... just like what you do with your normal posts.

Please let me know if I'm missing anything... 

Farewell to Laura
There's also a upsetting news to share with everyone. Laura is going to leave our team after this blog hop due to personal reason. Thanks for making all these beautiful cards for CCM and thank you for all the support you've gave me. I'm so glad I've met a friend like you. I'm sure I'll still see you around in CCM... right? =) Take care and good luck in everything Laura! *hugS* We're keep in touch for sure!!

I'm looking for more talented ladies to join the team. I'm spending lots of time looking at blogs =) If any of you girls have any recommendation, please let me know~

My cards are almost done and have partially written up my blog hop post already. Just out of curiousity, when you say "the more comments you leave, the more chances you have of winning"... are you keeping track of who leaves comments on every blog and entering them into the contest each time they leave a comment?

No problem with the shout out of LOVE for Chi Chi Memories! That's that easy part! LOL!

Hey now... SO sorry to hear that Laura is leaving. Good luck, Laura!! ((hugs))

Hoping everyone is enjoying their weekend! I'm going to go fishing for the very first time out on the ocean on Monday! Wish me luck!! :)


Hi girls oh my Laura it is sad to hear that you are leaving I know I have only known you for a short while but I have loved your cards so much you have shared so much creativity and inspiration I am also shouting out a big love to you and wish you all the best I will remain a follower of you blog because it is beautiful. Big Hugs xxxx


Hi Jane,

I'll collect all the names from each blog after the hop and randomly pick 3 person. But each name can only enter each blog once... hmm so for example. If I leave comments on your blog, kerry's blog and Lorraine's blog, then I'll have 3 chances to win. Am I making any sense? lol....

Be sure to put some ANTI-MOSQUITO spray on when you go fishing! I got bites all over me last time and I had to see doctor after wards.. wasn't that fun when my legs were itching for the rest of the week! LOL


Happy weekend!

Sorry to hear that Laura is leaving, we'll miss you! So sad, but wish you the best! And please keep in touch. :)


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