Hello Ladies,

After a long thought I've decided to make a few changes to my stamp release and sketch challenge "system". CCM is still very new to the scrapbooking business, it is not yet a well known brand to scrapbookers out there. Releasing a new stamp every week may be a waste because the stamps are coming out so fast but without too many people knowing about the release. So I've decided to change the stamp release from weekly to bi-weekly. =)

The stamps will be release every other Monday, starting from June. May 31st is a Monday, so there will be a release on that day then the next stamp release day will be on 14th, then 28th. In this case, we will have more time to make more samples for each stamp and play the sketch challenges. So you are still making samples every week but you are promoting the stamp for 2 weeks instead of 1 week.

Starting from June, sketch challenge participants may have a chance to win a FREE stamp. They will have to post their project made with CCM stamps on their blog and submit their links in CCM community to enter the draw. This way I hope viewers will have more interests to CCM and draw more traffic to the shop.

All DTM is required to participate in the sketch challenge and promote the challenge on their blogs. (if in any occasion you are not able to participate in the challenge, please discuss with me at least 2 days in advance). 

 The sketch challenge will take place every Thursday. I will post out the sketch in the  DTM discussion every Monday so you will have time to prepare for the project. =) Note that the stamp release project and sketch challenge projects are not to be combined as 1 project. So each week you are to make a project for the new released stamp and a project for the sketch challenge using any CCM stamp. If you happen to win in the challenge (random draw) you may pick a stamp that you don't have.

So this is my plan for now. I'm posting this up early because I'm open for discussion. I would like to know if all the ladies are OK with this plan. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions (or if I'm confusing you, I'm bad at explaining stuff... Lol) =)

That's it for now! *Back to sketching* New stamp is coming out tomorrow =)

Have a great weekend!!

Here's an example of my most updated idea of how the schedule works. I hope I can explain better visually.. lol .. click on image for larger view or download the image below.

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I was speaking with one of my friend about my stamp release and she thinks that I'm releasing too many stamps in a month. She's saying that not many customer will constantly come to my shop everyweek to make purchase 2 stamps. After I thought about it, I think she's right... if I keep releasing 2 single stamps a week, I will pretty much run out of idea by the end of the summer... lol... So now, I'm thinking maybe we should try this:

Single Stamps - Release every Monday (no more thursday)
Stamp Sets - Release once a Month (no single stamps release during that week)

In this case we can make more samples. I was thinking since there will be no release on Thursdays, maybe we can try posting out some challenges for others to play with? So we can make 1 or 2 sample(s) (minimum 1 for singles, minimum 2 for sets) for the Monday release, then we can make one more (or as much ask you want.. lol) with the challenge which will be held on every Thursday? How does that sound? I would love to hear some feedback from you since I'm not a "real crafter" =P

I'm speaking with some girls about joining our team and will announce them when everything is confirmed. Our team is growing~ Yay~

I have a guest designer for this month, her name is Rachael, know as gingerbread girl. She will be making a couple of cards for me in April, and she's wanting to make more cards for me in May as a guest designer. Here's her blog: http://gingerbreadgallery.blogspot.com/

Just so you know guest designers will have no access to the DT discusstion =)

Anyways, if you have any suggestion about the stamp release please throw them at me~ I'm off to bed now! Good night girls~ Sweet dreamzzz