I'll have to talk about the weather again. I know I'm always mentioning about the weather but it's nearly the end of MAY already and the all these cold weather and windstorm..hailing... what is wrong? It's pretty scary... the wind was so strong last night that I had a hard time falling asleep... *Yawn*

Ok enough complaining... lol let's continue with the new released stamp cards! It's the Father's Day cards! A friendly reminder, we have 31 days until Father's Day!!

The two cards below are made by my design team.
Stamp used: Happy Daddy's Day Stamp Set
Kerry's card.
Jane's card.
And this card I have to show you all!! It's my guest designer - Lisa's card! She has turned Freddie into PINK!! Pink Freddie is way too cute don't you agree??
Please visit the Community to see more member's work! Get inspired and let them know how much you like their work =)

These creations are all wonderful! I really love Lisa's creation. It's sooooo great!!!


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