There's a milk candy I've found in a chinese super market that I HAVE TO share with everyone!

I love milk candy, so I would love to try different kinds of milk candies. When it comes to milk candy, of course I'll think of the famous Japanese brand - PUCCHO!! The packaging is already well worth the price of $1.99, super duper kawaii apple girl!! This time I've bought two flavors to try out. First one is Apple + Milk candy, and the other one is Coke + Milk candy. The Coke + Milk is... nah.. nothing really specially, doesn't taste so bad, but not that great either, I wouldn't buy it for the second time. But for the Apple+ Milk candy, not only its look is kawaii, but it always TASTE kawaii!!! LOL ~~~ such a lovely taste, I don't know how to describe it! A taste of apple mix milk.. lol but it's awesome! I recommend everyone to try it out!!!

Here's the Kawaii Website of Puccho: click me! click me! I'm yummy!