Yes... Sky may be the limit for the adventurous little bear. Little bear is celebrating 4th of July in this beautiful big balloon. Although little doesn't usual... lol...but looks like he's enjoying his hot air balloon ride! Oh... and yes I've decided to name him "little bear" after getting the feedback from you ladies. I do agree that "little bear" is just perfect for this cute little guy! YAY

So his name is Little Bear from now on~ welcome to the Chi Chi family Little Bear!

Designer: Jane
Stamp Used: 4th of July Hot Air Balloon
So Little Bear's good buddy - Freddie is also celebrating the 4th of July. Since Little Bear is up in the sky, Freddie is going to spread the love on the ground. He's having a little parade with the American flag and he has attracted some other friends to tag along... like the little birdies!

Designer: Natalie
Material used: 4th of July Freddie, 4th of July Digital Paper
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And let's do a quick countdown to the two special days:
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Have a great day!