Good morning everyone! First I would like to say that I'm SO HAPPY to see all these projects made by my design team with the newest stamps - Sympathy Collection 1. Everyone project is WOWING me! And here comes another very WOWING project from Yenni! She is so creative and made Freddie to fly with wings! He is flying to you to deliver his love. Watch how Freddie can swing from side to side:

Designer: Yenni
Stamp Used: Sending You Love Stamp Set / Sympathy Collection 1
Lorraine has also made a beautiful project with Little Bear and CCM sketch challenge #11!! I LOVE the colors so much and the detail she has put in. I'm sure this card will melt everyone's heart! =)

You can play the sketch challenge and win FREE STAMPS!! Check out the sketches >>>click here<<<

Designer: Lorraine
Stamp Used: Specially For You Stamp Set / Sympathy Collection 1
Sketch Used: CCM.SC #11
Good day everyone!! Kerry has made a cool project for me last week. I didn't have a chance to show you until now. (please forgive me Kerry :p) I really like the design!! It's a gift holder. My design team (including me) have been making project for gift bags... now a gift holder!  I love it!!! If you want to read more about how Kerry has made this project, please visit her blog!

Designer: Kerry
Stamp Used: Happy Carnival Stamp Set / Clown Candace
Audrey has also made a lovely card with one of the Summer Fun Stamp Set! I hope everyone is having a fun summer too! Honestly I would love to go to the park and fly a kite! lol... haven't played that for so so long.  This stamp goes well with almost all kinds of sentiments and the sentiment Audrey has chosen is perfect!

Guest Designer: Audrey
Stamp Used: Summer Fun / Summer Fun Kite
Good Morning everyone! I had a long weekend last week! weee~~ but holiday is never enough. Don't you agree? I want more holidayssss!! lol...

I have to show you a cool project today. Jane has created a cool little box for the "Always by your side" stamp. You can put tiny aid kit inside like bandages and stuff. It's very neat! You can even make it into a gift box, put in some candies and make others smile :)

Jane has created a tutorial for this project. You can follow the photos or even take a look a the video clip to learn how to make one yourself!

>>>Click Here to see the tutorial<<<

Designer: Jane
Stamp Used: Always by your side
Little Bear is the sweetest little guy! He's taking care of Freddie!! I'm sure Freddie is feeling warm and touched in his heart. That's what friends are for... always by your side when you are happy or sad... :)
Don't forget to play the Chi Chi Memories Sketch Challenge! Have fun and win FREE STAMPS!!
Hello Everyone!! Guess what?!? It's Stamp Release Day again!! I've came up with a sympathy collection this time. I thought I should make some stamps that are more practical sometimes and we haven't seen Freddie for quite a while, so here comes Freddie again!! We also have Little Bear taking care of Freddie when he's sick. He has also picked a big flower specially for YOU! Isn't he cute? Freddie is delivering love to everybody! He's a postman sending love to everyone! These set can be sold separately of can be purchased as a collection!

>>>>click here to see the detail of Sympathy Collection<<<<
You can also purchase them as small sets. >>>>Click here to see more about these sets<<<<
I've made my first project with the "Always By Your Side" Stamp. I'll show you a few photos of what I did in my project. I've made goodie bag with Freddie hanging in the front.

First I'll need to make Freddie into a tag. Punch a tiny hole on top to hang a string.
Usually I will trace the outside of the image with light gray color so that the image stands out a bit and look more 3 dimensional. Cut around the image leaving a little bit of red on the card. Remember to include the punched hole.
I was too into making this project and I've forgotten to take few more picture in between. This is the paper bag I've covered with polka dot paper on one side and checkered paper on the other side. Fold the top of the bag as shown below and make a hole punch in the middle.
Freddie's hanged onto a string, now slip the string through the paper bag's hole from behind.
Pull the string all the way in and put Freddie through the loop of the string.
And it's done! Freddie is now hanging in the middle of the goodie bag. The opening of the paper bag is now securely folded because the string has tided it together. You can put some candies or handmade goodies into the bag and give it to you friend as a sympathy gift! :)
I hope you are enjoying the new release and the tutorial on this little project! More pretty projects by our design team members are on their way! Take care and have a great day!